Manager Internal Audit

Experience : 6 Years

In : Banking & Finance

Apply Before : 2020-03-21 00:00:00

Salary : 100000+

Job type : Permanent

Location : Lahore

Job Requirements

1. To establish, maintain and update internal audit (Finance and Accounts departments of group of companies) criteria and audit SoPs;

2. To be fully responsible for internal audit of accounts and finance departments of Cakes and Bakes group of companies;

3. To be responsible for conducting stock audit of sales outlets of company and also developing audit criteria and procedure in tandem with Head of sales department;

4. To be responsible for conducting stock audits of assets owned by group of companies and also setting audit criteria along with audit SoPs;

5. To esnure that accounts and finance are following prescribed company standards and also international standards wherever applicable;

6. To present/send prescribed audit reports reports as and when required in consultation with CFO/MD/CEO;

7. To point out potential non-compliances/risks along with resolution to top management of company;

8. To manage audit team effectively and efficiently;